CAUTION. If You have no way to defense from Snowfervor Virus, You have to get out!

Case Index
Date: from 22th Oct. 2000
Area: at the WWW space.
Index: The Hex flake.
A free BBS Space for Snowfervor.
Date: 24th Oct. to 7th Sep. '98 (New Case up at 23th Feb. '99)
Area: Mt. Cardrona, Mt.Treble Corn South Island New Zealand.
Index: Windy Road.
A case of a man resisting to Snowfervor Virus.
Date: 2nd Jan. to 9th May '98
Area: Ebisu & Ochanomizu Tokyo Japan
Naeba Nagano Japan
SSAWS Chiba Japan
Kurohime Nagano Japan
Ishiuch-Maruyama Nigata Japan
Arai Nigata Japan
Shiga-Yakebitai Nagano Japan

Index: All or Nothing. I'll Challenge.
A case of a man conquered by Snowfervor Virus.
Date: Jan.'97 to May '97
Area: Kurohime-Kougen Nagano Japan.
Index: That's Nice to have own booms.
A case of a man beated by Snowfervor Virus.
Link: to Japan Snow Board Association
Name: Net Boarder
The oldest snow boarding foundation in the world.
Link: to Dr. Fujimaki T.
Name: Tokyo Univ. Brain and nervous system 
Many Cases of Dameged head by Snowfervor.
Link: to Mr. Onisi Yoshiaki
Name: World Link
Many cases of Snowfervor, and Otherfervors. 
Trick movies are up-loaded.
Link: to SSAWS
Name: The Ski Dome SSAW information.
The largest plants of Japan for Snowfervor. 
Caution. many Linked pages' have no English explanation.
And this page includ much jokes.([Snowfervor Virus], [Snowfervor], e.t.c.)

But, It's true what I cannot escape from Snowfervor.

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